murder/mayhem: balloon boy, bodies, lawyers & lies

body on los angeles balcony mistaken for halloween decoration*
body on los angeles balcony mistaken for halloween decorationballoon boy case bursts open in US*
dc mom convicted of murdering 4 daughters could walk free*
pilot tried to save haber, controversial wolf biologist, after cessna crash in washington state*
pagans gang member dies in wv jail*
scotland aquarium worker bitten by shark*
judge dreadful killer a hero: austrian dad kills judge & a senior politician that molested his 3yr old daughter*
7 killed, 20 injured in puerto rico bar shooting*
authorities tentatively identify body as missing florida girl*
wv woman lied in high-profile torture & race case*
phoenix police seek man who ran over daughter w/ car because she was ‘too westernized’*
1000s say ‘i do’ in global mass moonie wedding*
16yr old australian girl makes sailing around the world bid*
soupy sales: pie-splattered comedian & legendary tv host, dies at 83*
polanski undergoing medical treatment: lawyer*
polanski may consent to US extradition to face charges*
flashback: interview w/ peter levenda on the polanski polemic*

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