murder/mayhem: death, destruction & order out of chaos

colleagues say tiller knew something was coming*
colleagues say tiller knew something was comingtiller’s kansas abortion clinic will not reopen*
video: olbermann & the feds say why not waterboard scott roeder?*
video: maddow & the fems say anti-abortion protesters becoming more ‘hostile’*
suspect calls recruiter’s killing ‘retaliation’*
queens police ticketed car as owner lay dead inside*
google founders’ mentor, who couldn’t swim, found dead in his own swimming pool*
dozens of children killed in childcare center fire in mexico*
2 found shot in jfk motel: cops say no foul play suspected*
coke dealer in boston killed & cooked to avoid debt*
oregon woman accused of cutting baby from womb*
human foot found at washington construction site*
kansas craigslist rapist found dead in cell*
explosion at conagra plant in north carolina, multiple injuries*
2 missing, 20 hurt in slim jim plant collapse*
3 dead after conagra plant explosion, all inside now accounted for*
jfk plane diverted to canada after fire on board*
amidst police chase, robbers kill 4 pedestrians*
philly police deny chasing suspects*
convicted uk murderer strangled cell mate claiming satan told him to do it because he was his ‘hands & eyes’*
human skull found in connecticut sacrificial rituals room, police say*
number of missing rises to 80 in china landslide*

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