murder/mayhem: trash, crash & the craigslist killer

small plane crashes into florida home
small plane crashes into florida homefrom washington times: A small plane crashed into a South Florida home Friday morning [apr17], splitting it in half as rescue teams look for victims through fire and thick smoke.

family of 5 found dead by dad’s hand*
5 killed in m1 motorway crash*
6yr old boy on vacation in venezuela dies in plane crash*
man accused of triple murder in illinois denied bond*
bodies of 5 children found in houston ditch*
files detail deaths of 14 los angeles children*
12 injured in washington after ride at fair topples over*

the case of the craigslist killer captivates america
from dpa: A medical student who allegedly targeted women advertising erotic services on Craigslist was ordered held without bail Tuesday on charges of murder and kidnapping in a case that has captivated America. Adding to the feverish media coverage of the Craigslist killer case was the televised plea of clean-cut suspect Philip Markoff‘s fiancee. “All I have to say to you is Philip is a beautiful person inside and out and could not hurt a fly,” said Megan McAllister on Good Morning America, insisting that they would marry as planned in August on a New Jersey beach.

and again, thanks to more great work from alex constantine, more updates & curious connections w/ the crash of flight 3407: pastor eastlack joins the cia & the return of the cheney clîque * judge hearing survivor suits is poppy bush appointee, ford foundation shill & peltier criminal * clifford law (of bcci fame) ‘representing’ a surviving family in wrongful death suit * aviation ‘expert’ randall brink’s fraudulent resumé *

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