Music Landmarks Spared From Massive Floods

Historic Mississippi river flood destroying millions of farmland acres with polluted, pesticide-ridden flood waters…
Music Landmarks Spared From Massive Floodsfrom ap: The Mississippi River rose Monday to levels not seen in Memphis since the 1930s, swamping homes in low-lying neighborhoods and driving hundreds of people from their homes. But officials were confident the levees would protect the city’s world-famous musical landmarks, including Graceland and Beale Street, and that no new areas would see any serious flooding. As residents in the Home of the Blues waited for the river to crest as early as Monday night at a projected mark just inches short of the record set in 1937, officials downstream in Louisiana began evacuating prisoners from the state’s toughest penitentiary and opened floodgates to relieve pressure on levees outside of New Orleans.

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