‘my dog eats better than i do’: pets join in on the organic food ‘trend’

'my dog eats better than i do': pets join in on the organic food 'trend'

from latimes: When Gabriel, a 10-year-old rescue cat from Chinatown, tucks into his morning meal, you won’t see any Friskies or Meow Mix in his bowl. Ahi tuna and duck are more the ticket. “I think there’s more than enough pesticides and chemicals and that kind of stuff in human food,” says Gabriel’s owner, Jason Lanum, on a recent expedition to the Urban Pet, a Los Angeles specialty pet store. “I eat natural food, and I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t give it to my cat.” These days, our pets may be eating better than we are. Big-box pet stores and precious pet boutique shelves are increasingly stocked with gourmet edibles that are corn-free, wheat-free, locally sourced, byproduct-free, free-range, minimally processed and raw. Many come with homey, inviting labels, and some look palatable even for humans. At Petco, a number of locations now have a wood-floored store-within-a-store for natural foods. And if you think your pet’s diet is still lacking, you can bolster it with supplements — containing brewers yeast, alfalfa, blueberries and more — that promise shiny coats, bright eyes and limber joints. As more of us turn toward more healthful foods, we’re doing the same for our pets, and the market has caught on. “If there’s a trend in human food and supplements, you’ll see it on the pet food aisle,” said Bob Vetere, president of American Pet Products Assn., based in Greenwich, Conn. “Gluten-free, vitamin supplemented, breed-specific, senior formulas — all of these have taken over the pet marketplace, and we’re seeing the competition increasing.”

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