the mystery of dead birds, fish & other weird events

flashbacks: animal die-off’s & the murder of john wheeler

the 10 leading theories for dead birds & fish*
the 10 leading theories for dead birds & fishmass bird & fish die-offs go global, spark end times panic & speculation*
mass bird & fish deaths becoming worldwide phenomenon*
mass bird, fish deaths occur regularly*
map of mass animal deaths*
why are the animals dying? birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths*
end of days?: 100,000 fish die suddenly in arkansas after 5,000 dead birds found*
officials stumped as 1,000 dead birds fall from arkansas sky*
massive fish kill & 1000s of birds fall from the sky in arkansas*
video: massive fish & bird kill in ark.*

2 million fish found dead in maryland*
mde: fish kill caused by cold stress*
new madrid fault may produce massive earthquake soon*
italy: thousands of doves dying*
swedish birds ‘scared to death’: veterinarian*
100s of dead snapper washed up on new zealand beach*
victoria river mysteriously turns bright green*
israelis deny vulture captured by saudis is a spy*

wheeler murdered after weapons test caused mass death?*
body of murdered cyberwar expert found in landfill*
wheeler’s final days, asking friends for car rides, missing briefcase, crying, holding his shoe…*
video: john wheeler seen on surveillance footage*
wheeler seen alive hours before his death*
what was mr. wheeler doing in wilmington?*
video: haarp, mass bird deaths & top US bush official is dead*

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    The riddle here is this; What could be all around the world affecting animals in both the air and the water?… Look up what the toxic chemical Corexit (used in the oil spill) does in warm water (it rises up as a gas)…then look at a world map of the all the recent deaths, and compare those places with a map of the worlds WARM water ocean currents. You guessed it… EVERY where and ONLY where these deaths are happening line up with each of the warm water currents! WHY ISNT ANYONE SAYING THIS? Heres my page about it…​XAMW_YDKzw6QlaUtd6lhI/edit?hl=en

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