nader launches ’08 exploratory committee

update: ralph nader enters US election race
ralph nader enters US election racefrom press tv: US political activist Ralph Nader sets aside memories of previous losses and bows into the presidential race as independent candidate. Nader, who has come under fire from Democrats for costing them the 2000 election, said he was planning a new bid for the 2008 elections.

Frustrated by the leading democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Nader told AFP that he has decided to “jump into the fray.” The 73-year-old hopeful said he is appearing in order to tackle the injustice and deprivation that the candidates are ignoring.

Democrats once pinned the blame on Nader for losing the 2000 election, but Al Gore was edged out in Florida by George W. Bush in a vote count. Nader rejects the “spoiler” title.

nader launches '08 exploratory committeefrom los angeles times: John Edwards is apparently calling it quits. And it looks like Ralph Nader – “Darth Naderto Democrats who can’t forget the 2000 showdown – is thinking about joining the campaign circus. Again

As for Nader, the legendary consumer advocate has never been subtle about his disdain for the two major parties, seeing them as relatively inseparable and equally in thrall to the corporate interests that Nader has been fighting since the 1960s (which, coincidentally, was the driving theme of Edwards’ campaign)…

But if Nader jumps in and Michael Bloomberg jumps in, we could find ourselves reliving history. Say, 1912, when Teddy Roosevelt ran on the Bull Moose ticket and derailed the reelection hopes of fellow Republican William Howard Taft who lost to Democrat Woodrow Wilson, with Socialist Eugene V. Debs bleeding off votes on the left.

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