nasa says solar flare will strike earth nov 14 or 15

Sunspot 1123 hurled a C-4 class solar flare in the Earth’s direction just south of the Sun-Earth line, sometime, in the early hours of Nov. 12, 2010. The coronal mass ejection (CME) could glance off the Earth’s magnetic field on either Nov. 14th or Nov. 15th to create auroras. Full article is at Before It’s News. Earlier last week, active sunspot 1121 has unleashed one of the brightest x-ray solar flares in years, an M5.4-class eruption at 15:36 UT on Nov. 6th. Please follow link to brief You Tube video of sunspot 1121. A C-4 class solar flare is of mediocre strength. Present observer finds prevalence of news on solar flares curious.

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