nellie connally, who rode in JFK death limo, dies

nellie connally, who rode in JFK death limo, diesfrom reuters: Former Texas first lady Nellie Connally, who was riding in the limousine with President John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated in 1963, has died at the age of 87…

Connally insisted Kennedy was struck by two shots and her husband by a third, which disagreed with the findings of the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination…

“I will fight anybody that argues with me about those three shots,” she told Newsweek magazine in 1998. “I do know what happened in that car.”

Some conspiracy theorists say that if there were three shots as Mrs. Connally said, and a fourth that missed the car, there must have been more than the one gunman — Lee Harvey Oswald — who the Warren Commission said killed the president.

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  1. LiMo Avatar

    President Kennedy’s death remains the biggest mystery till our days. Nobody can say exactly what happened and now after Nellie Connally death we have even less chances to find truth.

  2. LiMousine Avatar

    Maybe it’s true that there were more than the one gunman. This new theory can explain much and answer some questions. But anyway we still don’t know how it was in reality.

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