neocon gingrich calls for trashing 1st amendment

neocon gingrich calls for trashing 1st amendmentfrom kurt nimmo: It really is quite amazing. Newt Gingrich slanders the Constitution, arrogantly suggests the First Amendment be sent to the deep freeze, and few complain, few even comment, except bloggers at Huffington, a bastion of so-called liberalism.

“Speaking in Manchester last night, Gingrich said the country may need a different set of rules to reduce terrorists’ ability to use the Internet and free speech to recruit and get out their message,” the Boston Globe reported.

If we didn’t live in Bushzarro times, the response would be immediate and scorching, and Gingrich would be pilloried as the fascist he is. But we live in Bushzarro times, so little was said, except at the aforementioned Huffington and a handful of other sites.

“Our rights are not Gingrich’s to eliminate, we are endowed with them by our Creator, as some dude named Jefferson wrote in 1776,” notes a post on the NW Progressive blog.

“This man intends to be the Republican president of 2008. Perhaps we should change the title of the office to Unser geliebter Führer with a snappy long-armed salute of respect should he win,” another post declares on the Technocrat site.

“In keeping with the Republicans’ continuing power grab and trampling all over the US Constitution, Newt says free speech laws need to be changed ‘before we lose a city,’ which he said ‘could happen in the next decade,’” writes Short News, a German site.

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