New Eminem Track References Wiretaps, Assassinations & 9/11

New Eminem Track References Wiretaps, Assassinations & 9/11from 9/11 blogger: A track entitled ‘Public Enemy #1 new eminem track references wiretaps, assassinations & 9/11 on Eminem’s upcoming mixtape The Re-up caught my ear this afternoon. The track features a simple almost militant style beat somewhat similar in tone to his last politically motivated track Mosh. While Mosh (which New York magazine called “the most important piece of mainstream dissent since the 60s”) alluded to 9/11 via caricatures of Bush reading ‘My Pet Goat’ and newspaper clippings on 9/11 (including the infamous ‘Bush KnewBush Knew New York Post article), this new track goes into much darker subjects.

While Eminem is not known for being a 9/11 skeptic, and he has not overtly stated that he is one, there is plenty to suggest that he is at least a questioner of the official story. Not only does this track and the Mosh track reference 9/11, but his former DJ – Green Lantern – had the track ‘Bin Laden’ by Immortal Technique (featuring Mos Def) 'Bin Laden' by Immortal Technique (featuring Mos Def) alongside tracks by Eminem and other members of Shady Records. There are other past references to 9/11 as well such as a mockery of Bin Laden speaking to a camera, and having the backdrop fall down and reveal Dick Cheney and other members of the Bush administration. Most of these references have been scattered about so far, but perhaps that will change soon.

This is not Eminem’s new album, it is a mix tape for his label Shady Records, but it may give an idea as to what direction Eminem will go in his next solo album – or at least we can hope. One thing is for certain, if he did go down this direction further in the future he most assuredly would become ‘public enemy #1’.

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