New Iran Drone = Old US Drone?

New Iran Drone = Old US Drone?Iran announces long-range drone, reports New Iranian drone Shahed 129 (Shahed means witness), the most recent entry into proliferating drone wars “… can hit targets at up to 2,000 kilometers away [1250 miles] and can be equipped with electronic and communication systems which can transmit live feeds.” Did Iran copy CIA spy drone captured, last year (picture)? An April RT article, Iran starts cloning of American spy drone,” reported, “Iran has completed reverse-engineering of the captured US spy drone and has started building its own copy…” Rumors are circulating capabilities of Shahed 129 UCAV appear similar to captured US spy drone with ability to fly 24 hour missions?

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    it seems to me that the us military just gave this drone to them … they are sewing up skynet….DONT CHA THINK SO ????

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