the ‘new kosher’ is for everyone

the 'new kosher' is for everyonefrom food freedom: On a road trip, one stop at a service station brings home the brutality of what corporations have done to food in the US… Standing in a U.S. service station, unable to find anything to eat, the predicament of Orthodox Jews who keep kosher and can only eat at home (or with those sharing the same dietary principles) comes to mind. It’s suddenly shockingly clear – all GE-nonfood is treif. What is treif? Traditionally, anything that is considered vile and non-kosher in the Hebrew faith. Contemporarily, something dirty and nasty you don’t want around, much less want to consume or touch. The new kosher is to eat only normal food and to avoid mutant GE-nonfood. That avoidance has been happening already but until now hadn’t been given a descriptive name – keeping kosher.

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