new world next week – apr15

kissinger car bomb, monsanto’s trials, upload your brain

new world next week - apr15Ladies & gentlemen, welcome back to the New World Next Week – the series from Corbett Report & Media Monarchy that breaks down false political paradigms & gives you the real news that the corporate-controlled media sends down the memory hole. This week:

Story#1: Unearthed Document Ties Kissinger to 1976 Car Bombing in DC
Kissinger Effectively Gave Go-Ahead for ’76 Terror Attack
Flashback: Meet Henry Kissinger

Story#2: Monsanto Under Investigation By 7 US States
Flashback: Monsanto, Coca-Cola Among Top ‘Responsible Corporations’
Flashback: Monsanto Named ‘Company of the Year’ by Forbes Magazine

Story#3: Avoiding Death by Uploading Your Brain
Flashback: Ted Williams’ Severed Head Abused in Cryonics Lab
Transhumanism & You
Greg Nikolettos on The Corbett Report

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