new world next week – dec17

It’s drug money in the brave new world with a cyber/spacewar to boot on this episode of The New World Next Week from James Corbett of & James Evan Pilato of There is a lot of evidence that drugs, and more specifically drug money, make the world go ’round – and fresh research helps us further exposes the banksters, gangsters & prescription pushers. Our second segment focuses on the biometric control grid & how all around the world the same agenda is unfolding: the elites have cataloged our genes & set up a database to tell whether you’re an Alpha or an Epsilon. Period. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the ghost of a previous puppets’ phantom emails may finally see the harsh light of day.

Story#1: DrugWar Updates: Money, Child Care Fronts & More
Drug Money ‘Saved Banks from Collapse’
Drug Dealers Use Child Care as Front
Marijuana, Prescription Drug Use Up Among Teens

Story#2: Government Taking Newborn DNA Samples
UK Police Arresting Innocents Just to Grab Genetic Details for Big Brother Database

Story#3: 22 Million Missing Bush White House Emails Found
CREW & Obama Admin Settle Lawsuit Over Missing Emails

The New World Next Week is leaving a lump of coal in your stocking for Christmas, but we’ll return for New Year’s Eve as we take a few moments to reflect on the massive shift we’ve all experienced over the last decade. Much has been accomplished, but the information war will continue into 2010 & we ask for your continued support of the New World Next Week. For the latest alternative news & open source intelligence, visit Media Monarchy & Corbett Report.

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