new world next week – jan14

new world next week - jan14The latest ‘New World Next Week‘ tackles the issues of world health on a number of levels. From the United Nations to a ‘Council of Governors’, the agendas of eugenics & world government continue to move forward – regardless of which puppet is in power. Corbett Report & Media Monarchy cover these stories while trying to provide some contextual connections to help you investigate for yourself.

Story#1: UNICEF Child-death Campaign in Africa ‘Failed’
In Botswana, Step to Cut AIDS Proves a Formula for Disaster
UNICEF Nigerian Polio Vaccine Contaminated with Sterilizing Agents
Kenya’s Trial HIV Vaccine Leaves 46 Infected with HIV

Story#2: Swine flu: ‘They Organized the Panic’
Council of Europe to Investigate WHO ‘Pandemic’ Scandal

Story#3: Obama Expands Federal Power Over States with Executive Order
Video: US Army Prepares to Invade US

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