new world next week – jan7

new world next week - jan7The New World Next Week rings in the New Year with a grand slam tour of the Media Monarchy kingdom. From falling walls and corporate craziness to protected patsies and terror hysteria, James and James once again break down the weekly news.

Story#1: China Enjoys Burst of Net Freedom as Firewall Falls
Brief Web Access in China as Great Firewall Falls
Great Firewall of China dot org

Story#2: Monsanto Named ‘Company of the Year’ by Forbes
2009 Company of the Year: The Planet Versus Monsanto

Story#3: Flight 253 Updates: Patsies, Privacy, Lockdowns
Obama to Probe Network of Moles Behind Christmas Patsy Fiasco?
Explosive Reached Ireland After Failed Test
Video: TSA CCTV Didn’t Work at Newark
Military Blogger Detained & Handcuffed by TSA in Seattle

As always, stay tuned to,, and for all the news and analysis that’s unfit for print.

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