New York Public Library Starts Serving Up ‘wichcraft

New York Public Library Starts Serving Up 'wichcraftfrom The New York Public Library is teaming up with food vendor ‘wichcraft to offer snacks and drinks to readers inside the Fifth Avenue main branch for the first time in the library’s 117-year history.

Under the partnership, ‘wichcraft will operate two carts serving hand-made sandwiches, coffee and other refreshments inside the famed Stephen A. Schwarzman Building beginning March 1.

It’s a great idea,” said Steve Lessage, 57, of Merrick, L.I. “Museums do it. I’ll definitely take advantage.” Lessage will be able to choose from among five sandwiches, ranging from free-range roasted chicken for $9.64 to chunky peanut butter and jelly for $4.82, as well several sides and pastries. In addition to coffee and tea, beverages include water, soda and lemonade.

You can knock off two birds with one stone—research, read and eat,” said Frank DeMarco, 51, a fuel-oil dealer from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. “It’ll be nice to grab a book off the shelf and eat.” Anne L. Coriston, the vice president of public service at the NYPL, called it a “wonderful opportunity” for guests. “We believe these stands will be a welcome addition and will enhance the experience for everyone, from those visiting for a few hours to those researching in the building all day,” Coriston said.

Priscilla Williams, 28, a filmmaker from Fordham, said she’s looking forward to the days when she doesn’t have to step outside to get a bite to eat. “Now I can stay there even longer,” she said. “I won’t have to go out. I’ll get food there a lot.”

But Moamen Metwally, 24, of Kensington, Brooklyn, said he feared the library might soon begin smelling like a cafeteria. “I don’t want it smelling like food,” Metwally said. “There’re tables out front if you want to eat. Keep it on the streets.”

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