news on the march

from int’l herald tribune: Outsourcing hits a new class of workers: Journalists… The long arm of ‘offshoring’ reaches into the news industry

MADD wants alcohol sensors in carsfrom earth times: MADD wants alcohol sensors in cars… As a first step in trying to rein in DUI, Mothers Against Drunk Driving will campaign for the introduction of alcohol sensors in every car so as to detect the presence of alcohol in vehicles.

from bbc: Plan to create human-cow embryos… UK scientists have applied for permission to create embryos by fusing human DNA with cow eggs.

Terror unit investigates Russian’s poisoningfrom irish examiner: Terror unit investigates Russian’s poisoning… Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism unit was last night leading an “extensive” investigation into the alleged deliberate poisoning of the former Russian security agent Alexander Litvinenko.

from int’l herald tribune: Blackstone acquiring firm in richest buyout… Blackstone Group, a private investment firm, has agreed to acquire Equity Office Properties Trust, the largest office-building owner and manager in the United States, for about $36 billion.

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