news on the march

america’s chemically modified 21st century soldiers*
air marshals mistaken for terrorists*
judge orders all references to ‘taser’ stricken from medical examiner’s reports*
iran: collapse of US empire, imminent*
study: washington hospitals ill-equipped to handle terror attack*
2 killed as troops fire into somali riot over food prices*
bumps under the blanket & the suicide flu*
merck plant dumps vaccine waste & chemicals into water supply*
mccain’s birth abroad stirs legal debate*
cps supervisor accused of child molestation*
congress, the bush administration & continuity of government planning–the showdown*
marines ignore taliban poppy cash crop*
isohunt founder at center of US torrent-tracking legal battle*
darpa creating fake internet complete with fake n00b users*
only jack bauer believes in the ‘ticking time bomb’ scenario for torture*
homeland security school programs churning out the next generation of jack bauers*
homeland security students among 96 busted for drugs at san diego state*
man arrested for turning without signaling*
laura bush calls burmese kettle black*
democrats prepare sell-out on telecom immunity*
‘gashole’: the history of oil prices*
florida court to hear arguments in anthrax death lawsuit*
fungi have a hand in depleted uranium’s environmental fate*
video: final solution: bio-solutions for the 21st century*
sending felons off to war*
pentagon propaganda documents go online*
kbr first quarter profits triple*

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