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full-scale mock terror exercises may 10-18

full-scale mock terror exercises may 10-18
from lone star iconoclast: The Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Jennings County is center stage in Southern Indiana, as the nation’s first full-scale homeland defense preparedness exercise with active forces gets under way May 10-18. Three disasters comprise the package of terror events to be addressed over several states, including a roaring hurricane ashore in Rhode Island, simulated terrorist actions in Alaska involving both sea and air, and an improvised 10-kiloton nuclear device detonation in Indiana…

The exercise is divided into two parts: first, Vigilant Guard, focusing on the National Guard’s role in responding to the mock disaster, then Ardent Sentry/Northern Edge 07, conducted by the U.S. Northern Command as it replicates the federal role of reinforcements to the first responders and those embedded into the crises scenario.

escape from iran: inside a cia covert-op
escape from iran: inside a cia covert-opfrom wired: Mendez hit upon an unusual but strangely credible plan: He’d become Kevin Costa Harkins, an Irish film producer leading his preproduction crew through Iran to do some location scouting for a big-budget Hollywood epic. Mendez had contacts in Hollywood from past collaborations. (After all, they were in the same business of creating false realities.) And it wouldn’t be surprising, Mendez thought, that a handful of eccentrics from Tinseltown might be oblivious to the political situation in revolutionary Iran… To build his cover, Mendez put $10,000 into his briefcase and flew to Los Angeles. He called his friend John Chambers, the veteran makeup artist who had won a 1969 Academy Award for Planet of the Apes and also happened to be one of Mendez’s longtime CIA collaborators.

why i support congressman ron paul for president
from op-ed news: Ron Paul is a true intellectual who didn’t get into politics looking to score personal gain and fortune. Running for office wasn’t a perfunctory thing for the Congressman. He has devoted his life to learning and understanding issues that escape the opportunists in Washington, D.C. Ron Paul is a very intelligent man, and he isn’t some “fringe” candidate like the establishment tries to portray. He is a medical doctor who has delivered many babies throughout his life. I believe Ron Paul is the only electable Republican, since he doesn’t come with the Iraq war baggage that the rest of the candidates have.

americans review bush knowledge of 9/11
americans review bush knowledge of 9/11from angus-reid polls: Most people in the United States are certain that their president was not aware the country would be attacked by a terrorist organization in 2001, according to a poll by Rasmussen Reports. 55 per cent of respondents think George W. Bush did not know about the 9/11 attacks in advance, while 22 per cent believe he did.

Did George W. Bush know about the 9/11 attacks in advance?
Yes 22% – No 55% – Not sure 22%

Did the CIA know about the 9/11 attacks in advance?
Yes 29% – No 41% – Not sure 30%

chinese tv replaced with anti-regime slogans
chinese tv replaced with anti-regime slogansfrom epoch times: On May 1, many satellite TV channel programs in Guangzhou City had been replaced, on some channels, and even displayed pictures and slogans against the communist regime. Many mainland media reported the incident, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan media. Mainland media avoided reporting the content.

According to a Southern Metropolitan News report from May 2, between 8:00 pm to 8:40 pm on the evening of May 1, the newspaper received dozens of cable TV viewer reports that the TV program had been replaced. The news report has been reprinted by at least 42 media on the mainland, but none of these media reported the content.

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    My man Zesty Italian,

    Shout-out to ya in an east-coast stylee. It’s pretty cool that I’ve stumbled across this blog twice, while following the Ron Paul blowup via Technorati. I’m a supporter of the guy. You may be surprised to know that I campaigned for him in 1988, when he ran on the Libertarian Party ticket. Guess I’m campaigning for him again now 🙂

    Holla back sometime and let me know how you be.

    One of Them Miller Boys

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