news on the march

townhall: ron paul will place 2nd in iowa
from usa today: Patrick Ruffini makes the case this morning at the conservative Townhall blog that Republican Rep. Ron Paul will place second at the Iowa GOP’s “straw poll” Aug. 11 in Ames… Hugh Hewitt, also writing this morning at the blog, thinks Ruffini may be over-thinking things.

left could push pro-israel voters to gop
from politico: Support for Israel has long been a tenet of both political parties… Yet pockets of anti-Israel sentiment are active in American politics and have found a home among a small group of Democratic lawmakers and leftist activists. While it’s tempting to dismiss them as irrelevant, the left’s views on Israel have in recent years seeped into mainstream politics.

study finds ‘stealth ads’ in newscasts
from oregon daily emerald: According to a study recently published in the journal Electronic News, authored by two University professors and a former journalism doctoral student, there is increasing pressure from advertisers to integrate ads in newscasts, and small markets are most likely to promote advertisers during news stories… Viewers may not be aware of the commercial aspects of news content.

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