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The international movement for the end of cash*

The international movement for the end of cash

Is a cashless society inevitable?*
More US Cities Set to Enter Default Danger Zone*
Treasury Dept. Wording Could Exclude Millions from Health Care Benefits*
Wells Fargo Sued for Allowing Foreclosed Homes in Non-White Areas to Fall into Disrepair*
Berkshire Shares Down On Buffett Cancer News*

US Troops Take Pics With Afghan Corpses. Again.*

New Afghanistan war photos part of a long, controversial tradition*
The Olympics and Social Cleansing*
Missionary Impulse: “The Crisis of Zionism” by Peter Beinart*
Argentina’s Oil Takeover Ticks Off Spain and Mexico*
Collapse of Mali a Result of Post-Qaddafi US-NATO-Moroccan Plan to Foment Revolt*
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: Mapping Africa One Country at a Time*
Russian Bombers Exercise Near Japan Border*
US, Filipino troops start drills near disputed sea*
National Guard withdrawing 900 troops from U.S.-Mexico border*

Twilight Language: 4/19 and OKC’s All Seeing Eye*

Video: Today In History – April 19 and April 20

Don’t forget April 21st is #RecordStoreDay*

How to Enjoy Turntables Without Obsessing Over Them*
#AmericanBandstand Legend #DickClark Dies at 82*
Dick Clark dead at 82*
Twilight Language: Dick Clark and His Name Game*
Video: Dick Clark, 1929-2012*
Video: Les Elgart “Bandstand Boogie” (Original ‘American Bandstand’ Theme)*
Video: The Band’s Levon Helm dies at 71*
Bollywood actress Meenakshi Thapar killed by co-stars*
Shades of 1984 Emerge in Broadcast TV Copyright Flap*
Broadcasters Demand Barry Diller Explain $20.5 Million Aereo Investment*
Photo: Rihanna’s naughtiest moments – and there are a lot*
4:44 Last Day on Earth – Hollywood’s Latest Propaganda ‘Masterpiece’*
Flashback: Abel Ferrara’s ‘Last Day on Earth’*
Creepy, Verizon-powered, android David 8 is introduced in the latest Prometheus viral video*
Video: Propaganda’s founding father, Edward Bernays*

Obama, like Buffett, pays lower tax rate than his secretary*

Paying for Access to the Obama White House*
Veterans Disability Waiting List Doubles under Obama*
Romney Attacks Obama for golfing, “jetting around the world”*
Ann Romney: Our dog ‘loved’ being strapped to car roof*
Video: Obama talks jobs, Romney walks back from Nugent*
Labour peer Lord Ahmed denies Obama ‘bounty’ remarks*
Video: Rocker Ted Nugent Stands By Obama Threat*
Secret Service agents relieved of duty in Colombia amid alleged misconduct (hookers) ahead of Summit*
Obama withholds judgment in Secret Service scandal*
Obama silent on Secret Service scandal? Well, there’s a first. He didn’t say something like: “If I had a prostitute, she’d look Colombian.”*
Secret Service agents busted because they refused to pay hooker: source*
Video Playlist: Secret Service Scandal*

Oregon Oddities:
The ship has come in for the Blazers…*

The ship has come in for the Blazers...

Man protests TSA, strips naked at Portland International Airport*
Man protests airport security by stripping down to birthday suit*
Video: Man strips naked at Oregon airport in TSA protest*
Oregon reacts to story alleging marijuana use by football team*
Police on alert about possible mass tagging that could happen in #Portland on Friday as part of #KONY2012*

Police State Updates:
Blackhawk Choppers Buzz Chicago Skyscrapers*

The real criminals in Tarek Mehanna case*
Homeland Security’s ‘Pre-Crime’ Screening Will Never Work*
Many of 500 Americans on No-Fly List Don’t Know Why*
Video: IRS Implements Mark of the Beast Control System*

West Virginia Worry:
Bishop of W.Va. Catholic diocese accused of abuse*

WV Catholics react to bishop abuse allegations*
Scouting A New Plan*
Manchin proposal would keep postal facilities open for 2 years*
EDITORIAL: West Virginia Needs to Try Something New to Spur our Economy*

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