#Newspurge: Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution

U.S. Has Spent $642 Billion on Afghan War, Including Almost $200 Billion for This Year and Next*

PDF: ‘The U.S. Cost of the Afghan War: FY2002-FY2013’*
Last Year Saw Most Large Strikes, Lockouts in 4 Years*
PDF: ‘Major Work Stoppages in 2011’*
For First Time, Unemployed Who Attended College Outnumber Those Who Didn’t*
PDF: ‘Still Young, Restless, and Jobless – The Growing Employment Malaise Among U.S. Teens and Young Adults’*
Senate Brings Federal Reserve Board to Full Size for First Time in 6 Years*
Obama Allows China to Become First Country to Buy Debt Directly from Treasury Dept.*
TXT: ‘Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities’*
Fmr JPMorgan Lobbyist Expected to Direct Senate Investigation of…JPMorgan*
Video: How Wells Fargo Cooks Its Books*

Kucinich: “NATO Talks a Sham, Afghan War Not Ending”*

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng grateful 2 be safe in US. GC: He’ll be “safe” in US if he doesn’t dissent in Chicago or Occupy anywhere*
China Warns Australia to Choose “Godfather” – China or US*
Libyan Lockerbie Bombing Patsy Megrahi Dies*
New ‘School of the Americas’ For Dictators*
AFRICOM’s First Regional Brigade Will Deploy And Begin Operations*
Video: Korean Surveillance School Trains Citizen Snoops*
Forgotten Tragedy: NATO Killing of 72 Innocent Civilians in Libya*
Immediately Following Brennan’s Visit, Suicide Bomber in Yemen Capital Kills Scores of Soldiers*
Yemen Army Kills #ThirtyThree Militants in South*
Video: Pakistan hands #ThirtyThree year sentence to doctor who helped CIA track Osama via phony vaccination, DNA tracking*
Leaked Memo Supports Claim that Veterans Imperiled by Burn Pits in Afghanistan*
Senate Committee Fights To Keep Contractor Campaign Contributions Secret*
Another $250 Million Spent on a Missile Defense System (Almost) No One Wants*
Video: Money for war, no money for you*
Video: “Drowning people in fear is the key to power”*

Chinese Firm Buys AMC Movie Theater Chain in Largest Sale Ever of U.S. Company to China*

Chinese Firm Buys AMC Movie Theater Chain in Largest Sale Ever of U.S. Company to ChinaAfter Buying a US Bank Last Week, China Buys AMC, Second Largest Movie Theater Chain in Amerika*
Video: China’s Wanda To Buy Biggest US Theater Operator AMC For 2.6 Billion Dollars*
Video: Chinese Company Wanda Group Acquires AMC Theater Chain*
Video: AMC Theatre Sold for $2.6 Billion*
Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees dies at 62*
Video: Bee Gees “I Started a Joke”*
Missing actor Nick Stahl resurfaces via email; tells friends he’s OK, pledges to go to rehab*
Donna Summer Blamed 9/11 Toxic Dust for Her Cancer*
Video: “Kumare” the alter ego of American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi*
George Lucas’s Plans in Marin County Upset Wealthy Neighbors*
Inside Google’s Moog Doodle*
Nellie McKay on ‘Mad Men’ End Credits*
Pete Rock Slams Lupe Fiasco for Crappy “T.R.O.Y.” Bite*
Video: Lupe Fiasco “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)”*

Bilderberg Power Masters to Meet In US*

The Marco Rubio Bilderberg Conspiracy*
House Ethics Committee Holds First Public Meeting in more than a Year…but without the Public*
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Resigns: Who Is Gregory Jaczko?*
Video: Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan defends the agency in Senate hearing*
Video: Obama would not be President if he’d been busted for drugs*
Video: Obama’s multiple public personas are unraveling*

Police State Updates:
NATO Signs $1.7B Contract to Buy US-Made Drones*

Iraq Purchases US Drones To Keep Watch Over Oil Fields*
Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones*
NDAA 2013: Now Featuring Propaganda and War With Iran*
Israeli army establishes neighborhood first response teams*
Military Detention Law Blocked by New York Judge*
California Considers Bill to Require Permission to Collect, Analyze DNA*
Milwaukee Police Lowered Crime Rate…by Misreporting Violent Assaults*
High Court to Hear Warrantless Eavesdropping Challenge*
Video: Police brutality cases on rise since 9/11*

Portlandia/Oregon Oddities:
Richard Gage of ‘Architect and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ In Portland*

4 Victims Of “Homicidal Violence” Found In Burning Home: SALEM, OR*
Oregon police: 5 dead in apparent murder-suicide*
Dying Woman Reveals Attacker Was Estranged Husband: HILLSBORO, OR*

West Virginia Worry:
WV women plan strip mining protest on holiday*

Ex-WV doctor pleads guilty in pill mill probe*
WV legislators asked to reconsider shoot first law*
Father And Son Found Shot Dead: PRINCETON, WV*
‘Hatfields and McCoys’ Portrays Storied Feud*
Video: ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ Theatrical Trailer – on History Channel May 28*
Video: More West Virginia Grandparents Raising Children*

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