#Newspurge: Body Language and the Breadline Blues

Net Worth of Average American Family Reverts to Lowest Level in 20 Years*

Net Worth of Average American Family Reverts to Lowest Level in 20 YearsFederal Reserve Board Members Gave Their Own Banks $4 Trillion in Bailouts*
Stanford gets 110yrs for $7B swindle*
EU: ATM limit if Greece leaves euro*
Video: Post-collapse – Where we’re headed and what to do about it*

“Scenarios” of Sudden Disasters for Mankind: ‘Are the London Olympics a target for a False-Flag Attack?’*

Independent Scotland could use ‘full range of armed forces’ to defend its interests*
Greek neo-Nazi MP assaults female guest in TV debate*
Ukraine ambassador accuses BBC of bias over Euro 2012 racism claims*
Euro 2012: England players visit Auschwitz*
Video: BBC Panorama – Chris Rogers witnessed racist violence at a match in Kharkiv, Ukraine*
Syria Crisis and Putin’s Return Chill US Ties With Russia*
Russia Printing Money For Cash-Strapped Syria*
Russia’s ‘Revolutionary’ Situation*
Nile Bowie: Searching for Solutions in Syria*
Video: Obama accelerates preparations for limited air strikes, no-fly zones in Syria*
28% of Federal Contract Funds Go to Just 10 Companies…All Make Weapons Systems*
Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army: Who Is Raymond Odierno?*
U.S. Troop Suicides Surge (Again)*
Osama bin Laden not killed by US, claims former CIA agent*
If Attacking Rescuers and Funerals is Evil When Others Do It, Why is It Okay if It’s Done by the CIA?*
Video: Legal framework required to stop CIA drone carnage*

Video: Presidential sElections 2012 – The Rand Paul bomshell*

Is Ron Paul (maybe) getting ready to endorse Mitt Romney?*
Mitt Romney in the Vanguard of the New World of Super PAC Campaigning*
Barack Obama In NYC For Sarah Jessica Parker Fundraiser*
Obama has lost some of his popularity abroad, Pew poll finds*
Obama campaign plan for private sector? Hire more teachers, firefighters*
As Recess Nears, Little Hope for Breaking Partisan Impasse*
Pranksters Hijack Republican Live-Streamed Petition Drive*
D.C. Car Bomb Attempt?*
Commerce Secretary Causes Two Car Accidents: Who is John Bryson?*
Northrop Grumman Gives VP Half Million Dollar Bonus before He Goes to Work for Congress*
Update: Secret Service Allegations Exposed – Assault, Porn, Wiretaps and more*
Video: Secrets of Body Language*

Police State Updates:
Video: Military Global Hawk Drone Crashes In Maryland*

Defense Department Flying Drones From Three South Florida Locales*
A drone for every home*
9/11: A Decade Later, A Whole New Ballgame*
Half of Prisoners Still Held at Guantánamo Have Actually been Cleared for Release*
More Americans Killed by Bees and Wasps or Falling Televisions than by Terrorists*
Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers*
Video: ‘Fast and Furious’ Wiretaps Show DOJ Knew About ‘Gunwalking’*

Portlandia/Oregon Oddities:
Oregon court opens Boy Scouts ‘perversion files’*

Is there a serial killer on the Ore. coast?*
Oregon man contracts the plague after bitten by stray cat*
Feds convict first Oregon medical pot grower*
Man suspected of threatening PSU officer, robbing bank arrested*
Video: SERT Standoff Ends Manhunt*

West Virginia Worry:
WV Hitchhiker Crossing US Writing ‘Kindness’ Book Shot In Montana*

Update: Montana authorities say hitchhiker shot himself*
Bachelorette Emily Goes ‘West Virginia Hoodrat’ On Kalon*
Immunization Effort Gets Shot In The Arm*
Walker couple names 114 defendants in asbestos suit*

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