#Newspurge: I Want to Live!

Payrolls in US Climb 227,000; Jobless Rate Holds at 8.3%*

Economy adds 227,000 jobs in February*
#Audio #Satire: Stock Analysts Confused, Frightened By Boar Market*

Video: Obama loyal to Israel, shuns US public*

Barack and Bibi Speak of War In The White House*
Comment: Andrew Breitbart, Israel and Judaism*
Andrew Breitbart dead: Blogger’s unexpected death sparks conspiracy theories*
My son was killed by Kremlin agents says mother of missing oligarch*
Huge protests against Putin victory*
Sources: Pentagon staff eyes CIA-led force*
US May Use CIA Cloak To Hide Presence In Afghanistan*

Airing 3/11, Bobbi Kristina found Oprah interview ‘healing’*

Airing on 3/11, Bobbi Kristina found Oprah interview 'healing'Whitney Houston leaves her fortune to her daughter*
Will Leaves Bobby Brown Saying ‘I Have Nothing’*
Flashback: Whitney Houston worth more dead to Illuminati?*
Robert B. Sherman, Legendary Disney Tunesmith Behind Mary Poppins, Dies at 86*
Video: “The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story” on Netflix*

What would a second Obama term bring?*

What would a second Obama term bring?Obama Scares Americans More Than Osama Ever Did*
After Ohio Primary, Kucinich Loses Seat in Congress*
Video: Senate candidate and 5-yr-old son’s strange TV interview*

Oregon Oddities:
Man arrested for sending threatening letters to Congress from non-existent address in Portland as ‘The MiB’*

FBI: Threatening letters addressed from Portland sent to multiple congressional offices*
Flashback: Ground Zero MiB 97239*

Police State Updates:
Video: Def Sec Answers to NWO, Not USA*

UN/NATO, not Congress, ‘legal basis’ for military action*
Groups Reject Holder’s Defense of Targeted Assassination*
Video: Exposing the fraud that is the TSA’s backscatter x-ray*

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