#Newspurge: March of the Meanies

9/11 Updates:
Some 9/11 victims’ remains were sent to landfill*

Pentagon policy memo guided 9/11 remains disposal*
9/11 joke in new Jean Dujardin film ‘cut so he could win Oscar for The Artist’*

Michael Douglas to banksters: Stop imitating me*

Video: Financial Fraud Public Service Announcement*
Ron Paul Tells Bernanke He Killed the Dollar, Silver Coin In Hand*
Unusual Items Can Still Bring a Bounty for Thieves, Police Say*

Obamessiah Updates:
Andrew Breitbart Drops Dead in Los Angeles: “I’ve Got Videos…That Nobody Has Seen…Wait Til They See What Happens March First”*

Andrew Breitbart Drops Dead in Los Angeles‘Conservative’ Web Pioneer Dead of ‘Natural Causes’ at 43*
Autopsy planned to determine cause*
Video: Andrew Breitbart Mysteriously Dies Before Releasing Footage*
Will Sheriff Arpaio have what it takes to hang in there once he finds out about Obama’s CIA ties?*
Video: Arizona Sheriff Unveils Obama Birth Probe*

Oregon Oddities:
Video: Rocks shatter windows ahead of ‘F29’ march*

Occupy Portland II: Cruise Control*
Great Leap Forward: Portland’s Call for Protest Helps Shape National Occupy Agenda*
Video: White powder letters to Congress have Portland postmark*
M.I.B. 97239 « Clyde Lewis’s Ground Zero Media*

Police State Updates:
Police dismantle Occupy London site*

Audio: ‘Doomsday Bill’ Was About Wyoming Stability*
Gunboat Fleet as Used in Vietnam Will Now Combat Drug Traffickers*
U.S. Rule Set for Cameras at Cars’ Rear*

WV Worry:
Rockefeller Throws Fundraiser at Mansion With Telecom, Mining Lobbyists*

UBB Security Chief Gets Prison Time*

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