#Newspurge: Patience (Over Anxiety) + Updates

‘Is the Economy Recovering for You?’*

Higher Gas Prices Threaten Economy If They Persist*
Gasoline Pushes Consumer Prices to 10-Month High*
Exec Slams Goldman Sachs In Open Resignation Op-Ed*
Energy Sec Steven Chu Retracts Infamous Gas Price Comment*
Growing Antitax Movement Shows Irish Stoicism Wearing Thin*
Video: New IRS licensing scheme challenged in major federal lawsuit*
World’s Biggest Employer…U.S. Defense Department*

Video: Da Vinci’s Lost Masterpiece May Be Found*

Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece May Be FoundVideo: Art Researchers Claim They Have Found Long-Lost Leonardo Da Vinci Masterpiece in Florence*
New Human Species Discovered?
How China Fossils Could Redefine ‘Human’
New Dinosaur Discovered Through Bones Found In Alberta*
Convicted Nazi criminal John Demjanjuk dies at 91*
Amelia Earhart object of new high-tech search*
Researchers say new clue may help uncover fate of Amelia Earhart 75 years after disappearance*
Secret files reveal 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after WWII*

Romneys vs Rockefellers: Tapped in Tampa?*

NBC News pulls Ron Paul’s last embedded reporter*
African Press Intl Reports ‘Genuine Birth Certificate surfaces’*
Osama Has No Death Certificate And Obama Has No Birth Certificate*
Malia Obama ‘safe’ after earthquake in Mexico*
Etch A Sketch takes center stage in GOP fight*
Ron Paul blasts Obama for killing Americans*
Is Ron Paul Secretly Winning The Missouri Caucus?*
Video: Whatever happened to Ron Paul?*

Police State Updates:
Obama Executive Order Takes Control of All US Resources*

New York State Set to Add All Convict DNA to Its Database*
Video: Attack dogs used against High Schoolers for planned protest and thought crimes*
TSA Considering Automating ID Checks*
Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords*
Video: “Your First Amendment Right Can Be Terminated”*

Titanic Memes:
Audio: U.S.S. Enterprise leaves for final deployment*

Robot-like equipment to aid search for bodies in Costa Concordia ship wreck off Italian coast*
2 Israeli warships leave Port Said after crossing Suez Canal*

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