#Newspurge: Putting Shame In Your Game

U.S. Poverty Rate Is Creeping Toward a 50-Year High*

Jobless rate jumps as economy adds only 163,000 jobs*
Congress Struggles to Deliver Solution to Postal Problem It Created*
Booming Caterpillar Rewards CEO While It Punishes Workers*
Contractors with Criminal Histories Fall Through Government Database Cracks*
Video: Mega Bank pioneer admits mistake*

Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels*

Classic armed insurgency taking shape in Syria*
Video: Germany admits NATO favoring Al Qaeda in Syria*
Russia denies plans for new navy bases in Cuba and Vietnam*
U.S. Breaks Somalia Arms Embargo It Helped Establish*
China Sea Cold War: Japan ‘could deploy troops on islands’*
Why’s China’s Navy in the Mediterranean?*
China Worried Over India’s Missile Deployment Plans*
Air-Sea Battle: Pentagon’s Model for Future War With China*
South Korea to stage military drill near disputed island*
War by “Remote Control”: An Invisible Confrontation*
Video: Cluster Bombs ‘r Us*

Patton Oswalt: Message to Gatekeepers in Cable and Broadcast*

How the Gorgeous, Sometimes Fictional Sound of the Olympics Gets Made*
Pussy Riot trial: Vladimir Putin calls for leniency*
Voters to Decide If Porn Actors Must Wear Condoms*
River Phoenix’s final film to be shown at last*
Gore Vidal, US writer and contrarian, dies aged 86*
Gore Vidal, Elegant Writer, Dies at 86*
Flashback Video: Gore Vidal Recommends “The New Pearl Harbor”*

Barack Obama IS The Bat Man*

Barack Obama IS The Bat ManVideo: How U.S. Presidents are “neutralized”*

Police State Updates:
Video: UN gun grab follows U.S. State Department Plan*

Video: The border ‘more secure than ever’*
New York Legislature Votes to Name Post Office after Late Covert CIA Officer*
Whistleblower, Suspected of Leaking Warrantless Spying Program, Sues NSA*
Legislation Seeks to Limit Warrantless Wiretapping Powers*
Court Orders TSA to Explain Why It is Defying ‘Nude’ Body Scanner Order*
Video: Sacramento International Airport will replace TSA with private security*

Portlandia/Oregon Oddities:
Fear of a Black Bloc Planet*

Investigation into Oregon, Washington drug operation leads to arrests, seizures*
Underemployment drags down Oregon economy*
Scouts want redactions in ‘perversion files’*

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