#Newspurge: The Queen Is Dead

China Bridge Collapse Raises Infrastructure Concerns:
“A nearly #330-foot-long section..dropped 100 feet to the ground”
Russian spies interested in Czech economy – military intelligence*
Update: Postal Banking Could Save USPS*
IRS says O.J. Simpson hasn’t paid income taxes since 2007*

China to Deploy Marine Surveillance Drones*
Russian Military Brass Look To Draft 50 Thousand Men By Any Means Including Pre-Conscription Training*
Israel court rejects civil lawsuit brought against military by parents of killed US activist Rachel Corrie*
Turkey’s private security guards outnumber armies of six countries in Europe*
Secret compound in Jordan desert houses 1,200 defectors*
Video: US global arms sales tripled in 2011*

As Max Keiser Predicted, Punk Rock Resurrects Itself For 21st Century Struggle*
2 Pussy Riot Members Reportedly Flee Russia*
A. Zombie runs for president to bring ‘Walking Dead’ back to Dish Network*
Friedkin still pushing audiences at age 77 with ‘Killer Joe’: ‘Exorcist’ director films second Tracy Letts play after ‘Bug’*
One of only three METROPOLIS program from 1927 has surfaced*
Venice film festival promises sex and Scientology*
Old Beirut Cinemas Recall More Tolerant Days; Image of Tolerance Still Flickers in Old Movie Theaters*
Jimmy Kimmel’s Time Slot Move May Seal the Fate of ‘Nightline’ on Disney’s ABC*
Yet again Randy Travis ‘extremely intoxicated’ in church parking lot fight, cited only with simple assault*
Another Hollywood Suicide Leap: Brian Gerber*
Jerry Nelson, puppeteer and voice behind Count von Count on ‘Sesame Street,’ dead at age 78*
Carl Davis, Chicago Music Impresario, Dies at 77: helped shape sound of “Duke Of Earl”*
Willa Ward, Gospel Singer, Dies at 91: “He’s your joy in sorrow / He’s your hope for tomorrow”*

“Once he left the White House, it was as if his entire presidency had just been a bad dream.”*
Your Guide To Watching the Illuminati In Tampa*
It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s an RNC Drone*
Isaac Laughs*
GOP Convention Is Threatened by Hurricane Isaac*
Protests, Weather Could Provide the Drama at GOP Convention*
Day one of Republican National Convention falls victim to Tropical Storm*
Mystery guest keeps GOP convention guessing*
Romney Jokes About Obama’s Birth Certificate*
Romney uses secretive data-mining*
Romney in Crisis: Two Dark Spots in Fortunate Life: “knocked unconscious and mistakenly pronounced dead at the scene”*
Romney’s speech to Republican convention will be defining moment – Bishop Romney’s #Mormon Moment!*
Barack Obama Has a Lot of Fake Twitter Followers*
Official: Anarchist GIs plotted government ouster*
RNC2012 To Include Video Tribute to Ron Paul: Unless that gets cancelled, too*
Scientologists for Ron Paul*
On Monday, supporters put “Ron Paul” over the word “We” on a GOP sign that says “We Can Do Better.”*
Libertarian Legion Stands Ready to Accept Torch From Ron Paul*
Video: “The Anarchists are coming! Oh my!”*
Video: Barack O’Romney*

Police State Updates:
Video Update: Marine vet kidnapped by FBI released*
We Don’t Need No Stinking Warrant: The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena*
Video: Black Hawks over Minneapolis worry residents*
TSA Denies Stonewalling Nude Body-Scanner Court Order*
Video: CIA outsources harsh interrogations to its allies*
New federal law clears way for US military reserve to respond to hurricanes, major disasters*
Video: For profit “non-profit” hijacks DoJ and DHS*

Portlandia/Oregon Oddities:
Sign The Petition: No Fluoride in Portland water*
Mr Mayor, why do you not want Portland to make their own health decisions?*
Then why not let Portland VOTE to make these medical decisions for the other 700K?*
Portland school kids can already get fluoride for free*
Anti-fluoride fight: Portland’s Roger Burt on front lines for 34 years*
Portland, Oregon to spend $5 million to poison its residents with toxic fluoride*
Mayor Sam Adams claims he “loves his City and its people!” But not enough to let them choose what medicine goes in the water?*
Oregon Reports One Horse Killed By West Nile Virus*
A tale of 2 priests- Woodburn priest, best friend from seminary, face similar sex charges*
“Beards for Breasts” photoshoot leads to police standoff on Burnside when 1 beardo turns up w/ unexpected prop: a gun*

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