#Newspurge: September Clearinghouse

9/11 Anniversary Updates:
We honor our dead by taking a hard look at the truth*

The 9/11 Files 9/11 was a controlled demolition*
The 9/11 Files 9/11: How they did it*
The 9/11 Files The 9/11 Solution (2006)*
The 9/11 Files What the real 9/11 witnesses saw and heard*
The 9/11 Files Jet fuel cannot melt steel*
The 9/11 Files Pilots for 9/11 Truth*
The 9/11 Files Further down the 9/11 rabbit hole*
The 9/11 Files 9/11: PBS lets the cat out of the bag*

Tungsten-Filled 10 Oz Gold Bar Found In The Middle Of Manhattan’s Jewelry District*

Central banks Kamikazee trading*
Government corruption The simple history of the bailout*
The Fed: From “conspiracy theory” to common knowledge*
What’s the difference between this and how the Fed operates?*
Unraveling the QE3 Scam*
Government corruption: They own it all*

The Iraq War: An eyes-wide-open prayer for peace*

‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Actress Cindy Lee Garcia Sues YouTube, Producer*
The Middle East: Carving up Syria*
Resistance and collaboration in Nazi Europe*
Another post-9/11 holocaust*

EU to Approve Universal Music Group/EMI Merger–Sources*

A&E’s ‘Coma’ mini-series looks to reawaken fans of ‘78 thriller with updated*
James Fogle, Author of ‘Drugstore Cowboy,’ Dies at 75*
Arthur O. Sulzberger, Former N.Y. Times Publisher, Dead at 86*
“Anarchists” Are The Bad Guys in New First Person Shooter*
Errol Morris Probes Notorious Murder*
News media corruption: Kent State – 1970*
Video: The NFL, The Mafia and Fixed Games*

Campaign 2012: Meet the next president*

Campaign 2012: Brasscheck Convention Speech*
Campaign 2012: RFK on the State of the Union*
Campaign 2012: Jesse Ventura on CNN Piers Morgan*
Government corruption: The Kill List*
U Didn’t Build That by MC ‘Bama*

Police State Updates:
Nationally and locally, civilian militias have a new look*

Government corruption: The Phoenix Program and Homeland Security*
ICE official resigns amid sex misconduct claims*
Straight talk about the surveillance state*
Good guys: Judge Strikes Down Indefinite Detention*
Border patrol nowhere near the border*
Ask for directions and go to jail*
A police state invites this kind of abuse*
Gun confiscation reality check*
UC Davis must pay $1 million for one cop’s idiocy*

Portlandia/Oregon Oddities:
3 hurt when out-of-control monster truck crashes into stands in Oregon*

(which sounds like it should beling in West Virginia Worry)

West Virginia Worry:
The radical right-wing roots of Occupy Wall Street*

Dec. 3, 1980: Underground Living, With a Little Hep From the Sun*
Suspect’s parents speak out first time since trooper shootings*
Judge says truancy is major threat to W.Va.*
Boy Scouts: West Virginia boon*

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