#Newspurge: We’re Not Gonna Take It

Banks Can Legally Steal Customer Funds From Private Checking Accounts*

Video: Another insane customer fund ruling*
Robbing Banks is Not a Cost-Efficient Profession*
Apple closes as most valuable company of all time; shares rose 2.6% to close at $665.15*
China in financial crisis ‘danger zone’*
What Rep. Todd Akin means by ‘legitimate rape’ is what JPMorgan and Goldman do to 330 mn. Americans every day to “avert system collapse.”*
Video: “Price signals are the lifeblood of the market”*

‘No one really cares’: US deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000 in ‘forgotten’ war*

Army Suicide Record Set in July*
Will the US Open Its Military Depots in Israel in Case of War?*
ABM in Qatar: American way to control ‘excess of evil’*
Turkish Intelligence betrays CIA; deceived by Iran*
US Africa Command denies plans to establish military base in Botswana*
Putinocracy: Analysts See Freedom of Speech in Russia Slowly Eroding*
India and Russia going to sign biggest-ever defence deal worth $ 35 billion*
German spies active off Syria coast*
Iran, Saudi Arabia fight proxy conflict in Syria*
Not Just Out of Africa: South America’s “Blood Diamonds” Network*
Take a peek at the British spy station in Cyprus*

Anti-Obama Doc Drawing Big Box Office Crowds, Even in New York City*

Box Office Report: Anti-Obama Doc Drawing Big Crowds, Even in New York City

What’s Your Verdict: Should Obama Release Photos Of Bin Laden’s Dead Body?*
Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan – Does it really matter?*
A Careful Effort Seeks to Reveal A Real Romney*
Obama doesn’t want small business owners to take credit for building their own businesses*
Yet, he wants to take credit for the work of the American military simply because he was President when #Osama was killed. #YouDidntKillThat*
Obama and Romney election apps suck up personal data, research finds*
Twisted Sister singer objects to Paul Ryan’s use of ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’*
Sinaloa Cartel Operative Makes Explosive Allegations About #FastAndFurious*
Survivalist congressman, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), is ready for doomsday*
Congress on Track to Set Do-Nothing Record*
Video: Campaign 2012’s Dishonorable Disclosures*

Police State Updates:
Video: Marine veteran detained for posting about ‘conspiracies’ on Facebook*

Searching For Government Contracts and Ammunition Purchases*
In Wake of Mass Killings, States Still Don’t Comply with Gun Database of Mentally Ill*
Is This the Worst Small-Town Police Force in the U.S.?*
More than 3 Million Violent Crimes in U.S. go Unreported Every Year*
U.S. Army battling racists within its own ranks*
Video: Fast and Furious about backing drug cartel*

Portlandia/Oregon Oddities:
Fluoride hearing set for Portland City Council on Sept. 6, vote Sept. 12; And then lawsuits set to be filed Sept. 13*

Opponents to launch signature-gathering initiative to block fluoridated water in Portland*
New family of spiders discovered in Oregon; Trogloraptor — Latin for cave robber — for their fearsome front claws*

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