9/11 updates
cousin of alleged 9/11 hijacker exposed as israeli spy*
unlikely place for a hit piece:
marie claire’s desperately seeking approval from 9/11 truther*
cnn: new nuclear plants to protect against jet strikes*
scientology blames psychiatry for pearl harbor & 9/11*
nov7 groundbreaking set for flight 93 memorial*
william rodriguez vindicated by newly released 9/11 commission notes*
house passes $70m for 9/11 health care*

police state int’l
mississippi passes law protecting gun owners during martial law*
drug busts target san diego military housing*
army suicides in january outnumbered combat deaths*
scientology project raises questions & ire in wyoming*
new rcmp policy says tasers can kill, restricts use*
hey kids, wanna play security checkpoint*
army to work with 10 new york area schools*
audio: source reveals fema/dhs preparing for mass graves & martial law near chicago*
blackwater hides behind new, inscrutable & opaque name: xe*
ex-spy chief says uk turned into police state*
govt accused of exploiting terrorism fear*
bad news from america’s top spy*
federal agency aided maryland spying*
symposium planned to discuss implementation of nationwide mileage-based taxing system*
new navy-funded report warns of war robots going ‘terminator’*
student arrested for texting*
boy scouts ‘partner’ with homeland stupidity*
pubs must install cctv or risk losing licenses*
wikileaks forced to leak its own secret info*
wikileaks has docs, needs cash*
video: ron paul says congress has lost control to outside interests*
warning against adverse health effects from the operation of digital broadcast television*
bill proposes isp’s keep logs for police*
US northern command, fearmonger?*
texans unknowingly donate children’s blood to research*
saic awarded $115m to support tactical biometrics systems*
US army to buy $6m worth of riot equipment*
tennessee sovereignty resolution*
democrats introduce public national service bills*

splenda study shows shocking info about potential harmful effects*
video: parents in oregon town refuse to immunize kids*
more parents refusing vaccines for kids*
climate study: bleak outlook for pacific northwest*
video: oregon rep asks peanut execs to eat their own products*
monsanto is putting normal seeds out of reach*
doomsday seed vault’s stores are growing*
iraq vets blame kbr for illnesses*
former astronaut speaks out on global warming*
video: false miracles, signs & wonders in russia: bluebeam/haarp?*
video: ground-breaking cancer researcher found murdered*

‘baader meinhof’: action hit, oscar hopeful*
documentary sheds light on ‘elgin 17′*
robert parry: US media & democracy in crisis*
global elite consider tv network to ‘tell us who we are’*

queen escaped australian train assassination plot, says cop*
the very 1st cia assassination*
nazis developed thalidomide & tested it on concentration camp prisoners*
the many layers of leonard peltier’s case*
alfred p sloan, nazi collaborator*

un moves to charge israel with war crimes*
towards fascist rule in israel*
kyrgyz prez: money behind manas closing*
latvia’s government collapses*
drone war escalates; 30 more dead in pakistan*
destabilizing pakistan, america plays with fire*
feinstein: US launches drone war on pakistan, from pakistan*
pakistan partners with US on killer drone strikes*
google earth shows US drones at pakistani base?*
ahmadinejad calls for new world order*
video: ucla professor thinks he’s found osama*
ucla professor explains why he thinks he’s found osama*
religion under a ‘false flag’*
audio: norway returns to pillage-based economy*

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    hi james,

    one more @ police state int’l:

    Iowa National Guard to Train In Urban Warfare; Citizen Home Searches

    “Once credible intelligence has been gathered,” said Kots, “portions of the town will be road-blocked and more in-depth searches of homes and vehicles will be conducted in accordance with the residents’ wishes.”

    how nice…posse comitatus somebody?

    cheers alex

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