no one spared in ‘simpsons’ campaign parody

no one spared in 'simpsons' campaign parodyfrom boston globe: For those political junkies watching the Republican presidential debate on Fox News Channel or otherwise occupied Sunday night, you missed a hilarious “The Simpsons” send-up of the campaign that made fun of candidates, the political parties, New Hampshire voters, the media – just about everyone…

The people of Springfield quickly grow weary of all the attention, and in rebellion decide to support the most ridiculous candidate they can envision. At Moe’s tavern, someone suggests Dennis Kucinich. Ouch, since he’s actually a real candidate in the Democratic race. A pint-size Kucinich character happens to be in the bar and complains that he’s being dissed.

Finally, they settle on 8-year-old Ralph Wiggum, the not-too-bright son of the police chief. Lisa, of course, is mortified. “Oh, dear God,” she exclaims. But eventually she comes around, after Ralph talks about helping people and making sure the US plays nice and doesn’t fight anymore with foreign countries.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties also decide to support Ralph, who at show’s end is sitting on the knee of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington like he’s Santa Claus, telling Honest Abe, “I’ve been a good boy.”

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