norio hayakawa recaps end times

norio hayakawa recaps end times Norio Hayakawa, ufo researcher, writes essay based on a military report about danger posed to world peace by Apocalyptic Christians. These are viewpoints so deeply intertwined with religious belief systems, there seems little discussion outside religious publications. It is, perhaps, time for a change with apparent convergence of everyday life with so-called “end times”. While Pre-millennial, Dispensationalist, and Pre-Tribulation viewpoints are his primary focus, Hayakawa does an even better job of concisely ordering the prophetic events! You will be up to speed in no time on the “end times”!

Ezekiel 38 cites early roles of Syria and Iran in the “end times”.  The appearance of the Anti-Christ, the Rapture and Anti-Christ’s success in calming world stricken over the disappearance of millions, are covered. Hayakawa works in seamlessly Project Blue Beam and UFOs, “…in the U.S., the majority of the so-called Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians hold on to the viewpoint that somehow the “UFO” phenomenon is ‘Satanic’ or ‘diabolical’. These groups seem to believe that “UFOs” will play a major role in these future biblical prophecies.” Seven years of tribulation, Battle of Armageddon, Millennial Kingdom and Final Judgement are included in order.

It should concern everyone, if Apocalyptic Christians want to push us into the Apocalypse. Hayakawa is a believer, “I will take a chance in this scenario”, and perhaps, it’s our fate! It’s still strange how it all seems to be coming together!

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