North Korea: The Real Threat to US

North Korea: The Real Threat to USGordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veteran’s Today, in an opinion piece from April 26th after UFO Sighting over Seoul (video), believes UFO is not a fake, as other sources assert, but one of two counter- intelligence platforms (flying saucers) based on the Korean peninsula. Duff suspects, despite official dismissals of authenticity, “these had a whiff of truth…to them…Veterans Today decided to turn to a top intelligence resource and see whether we were dealing with goose or gander…There was that smell of reality here, one we don’t always see…Thus, we had the forensic labs of the SACIA (South Africa Counter Intelligence Agency), the world’s top authority on certification of photographic data, diamond, mineral and currency authenticity, a somewhat controversial organization, quasi-governmental in nature, submit the video for detailed forensic analysis.”

“Why would we choose experts on counter-terrorism, conflict diamonds and narcotics trafficking instead of a local photographer. Our answer was simple, we knew they had one of the most advanced labs in the world and, best of all, they volunteered.  You can’t beat that. The video is genuine, totally.  This is a slightly enlarged version

 “We then went to intelligence sources in Korea.  There we learned an astounding story which we are not able to fully confirm.  The aircraft, one that appears to be a ‘flying saucer,’ is one of two American reconnaissance vehicles stationed on the Korean peninsula by the United States [April 14th]…the United States is operating two vehicles using unknown technology as reconnaissance platforms in order to ‘monitor’ North Korea.”

“When asked if such ‘platforms’ may have been deployed related to the recent unsuccessful launch of a North Korean rocket, we were told ‘no.’   Five minutes later we were told it is believed that such a vehicle could produce a ‘field’ that might be able to destroy a rocket and may act as part of an advanced missile defense system, far superior and much more secret than the Patriot systems under current deployment.”

“[April 26th] Most likely, a short time ago, the US destroyed a North Korean
experimental weapon on the launch pad, using one of our own, a craft
capable of inter-planetary travel and, thusly, one that is ‘just our
imagination’ like the hundreds of thousands of tons of vaporized steel
from the World Trade Center on 9/11.”

“[April 14th] There are also suspicious ‘Malthusian’ motives, fears that free energy would lead to an explosion in population or, worse yet, an explosion in real democracy..”

Duff makes clear opinion, our present economy is being deprived of suppressed tech until every last cent can be squeezed from petroleum!

Also, Duff believes North Korea to be far more dangerous than advertised as a leader in bio-weapons field, genetics research and isolated for good reason. The Senior Editor believes they have an army complemented with Super Soldiers as one picture shows ten foot tall man in military garb at Kim’s funeral, last year.

The real threat according to Duff, is possibly, North Korean bio-weapons not their nuclear technology, aided for decades by Russia and China.   Another aspect of North Korean threat is their megalomania, they really believe they are meant to be the only race destined to survive, a race of supermen,”  concludes Duff.

These Veteran’s Today articles may seem out there, but the present writer suspects, Duff is closer to truth than most Americans would concede.  It should be considered we downed the North Korean rocket in a countermeasure completed by covert platform (flying saucer) to keep nuclear threat in check.  Duff believes, overlooked at the same time, is far more sinister risk of bio-weapons!

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