#NSA Fallout Hits American Defense Contractors To The Tune Of $4b

from falkvinge.net: Brazil ditches Boeing’s F/A-18 in favor of SAAB’s JAS
39 Gripen over the NSA’s rogue behavior.
In a press conference tonight,
Brazil’s defense department announces that Brazil will buy the Swedish
fighter jet, according to multiple Brazilian sources.
The direct reason for rejecting Boeing’s F/A-18 was the United States’
hostile and unacceptable spying behavior against Brazil and the rest of
the world.

With the F/A-18 rejected, which had been Brazil’s favorite up until
Snowden’s revelations started to unravel, Brazil will buy 12 JAS 39
Gripen-NG fighters initially at a cost of 4 billion USD, intending to
buy a total of 36 aircraft.

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