New World Next Week #25: Afghanisurge, Lobbyists, Patenting Genes

New World Next Week #25: Afghanisurge, Lobbyists, Patenting GenesThe only jokes on this April Fool’s Day are the one’s being played on people everyday by the elites & their corporate-controlled media. That’s why Corbett Report & Media Monarchy join forces each week to bring you the New World Next Week – a 10min video series that gives you the text/context/subtext of the story behind the stories. This week:

Story#1: Decider-in-Chief Bypasses Congress, Then Visits His Afghanisurge
The Word on Obama’s Recess Appointments
Craig Becker: Radical Obama NLRB Nominee

Story#2: Obama Appoints Ex-Pesticide Lobbyist as Agricultural Trade Negotiator
Obama’s Pesticide-Pushing Nominee: Islam Siddiqui
Why Are Monsanto Insiders Appointed to Protect Food Safety?

Story#3: Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent
Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad: 1886 Ruling on Corporate Personhood
Diamond v. Chakrabarty: 1980 Ruling on Patented Lifeforms

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