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#NewWorldNextWeek: A Magna Carta for the Internet? (Video)

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#NewWorldNextWeek: A Magna Carta for the Internet? (Video)Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Tehran Keeps Going Crypto For Sanction Relief

How To Evade Sanctions

The Death Of SWIFT and the Engineered Death of the Dollar

Choke Point: How the Government Will Control The Cashless Society

Plans For Digital Currency Spark Political Crisis In Marshall Islands; President Hilda Heine’s Plan to Adopt Sovereign Cryptocurrency Prompts No-Confidence Vote

Hong Kong Securities Regulator To Propose “Sandbox” For Crypto Exchanges

Thailand Wants To Use Blockchain To Catch Tax Dodgers

The Bitcoin Psyop

Story #2: Sir Tim Berners-Lee Launches “Magna Carta For The Web” To Save Internet From Abuse

“Principles for a Contract for the Web”

Internet 2.0 Decentralized And In Our Hands?

Beaker Browser at the Decentralised Web Summit

Leaked Google Video After Trump’s Win Adds to Pressure From Conservatives

Story #3: NYC Cars to Talk to One Another Under Traffic-Safety Pilot Program

Waymo Robot Car Injures Motorcyclist — But Human Driver At Fault

Welcome to Your Driverless Future

NWNW Flashback: Techsperts Propose Driverless Highway (Oct. 5, 2017)

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Making Water Out Of Thin Air

#NewWorldNextWeek: A Magna Carta for the Internet? (Video)