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‘new world order’ illuminates conspiracy theorists
'new world order' illuminates conspiracy theoristsfrom wired: You’ve probably heard the conspiracy theories – the Bilderberg Group secretly runs the world, 9/11 was an inside job, a group of elites is working to establish a “new world order.” The documentary New World Order, which had its world premiere Friday at the South by Southwest film festival, offers an inside look at the people who dedicate their lives to investigating and spreading the word about such conspiracy theories. The 83-minute movie, by directors Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel, who worked together on 2006’s Darkon, focuses chiefly on Alex Jones, a documentary filmmaker and talk-radio host with a loud voice, an urgent message and, many times, a bullhorn in hand. Jones, whose movies include such dire polemics as Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement and Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, certainly seems sincere enough as he tries to shine a light on the annual Bilderberg meeting, where world leaders meet in secret to talk about … something.

'new world order' illuminates conspiracy theoristsAs New World Order follows Jones and some of his fellow conspiracy mongers, it delivers a fascinating look at true believers who are desperate to expose the supposed sins of politicians and business chieftains. Without delving deeply into the conspiracy theories themselves, the movie introduces the real people whose lives are in some instances consumed by these exotic ideas. The grim scenarios outlined by the conspiracy theorists are familiar to anybody with a yen for exploring the information rat holes so prevalent on the internet. One of Jones’ cohorts calls the web the conspiracy theorist’s best friend – the cheapest and easiest way to disseminate information that’s ever existed. Jones has turned his Infowars concept into a cottage industry. But the truly telling part of New World Order is its revealing depiction of the individuals who spend their spare time establishing alternative communities or burning DVDs to hand out at the World Trade Center site. Alternately amusing and poignant, New World Order peels back a layer of mystery to show the conspiracy theorists’ strange world. Meyer and Neel set out to make an even-handed documentary that lets Jones and his people speak for themselves, and they’ve succeeded. It’s an interesting and compelling portrait of a thriving subculture.

flashback: ‘new world order: the movie’ trailer

sxsw ‘09: podcast with alex jones
from greencine: Impassioned radio host and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones would be easy to dismiss as a crackpot if his angry philosophies – on what he might call our totalitarian world government and regularly corroded civil liberties – weren’t so eloquently dispatched. As even his Wikipedia entry details, Jones has been labeled a conspiracy theorist by the mainstream media, so it will be interesting to hear what the uninitiated will think about him after seeing Darkon filmmakers Luke Meyer’s and Andrew Neel’s new doc feature New World Order, premiering at SXSW… Riding shotgun with Jones as he drove around Austin in his specially outfitted vehicle – bullhorn speakers mounted up top to better reach the masses – I mostly stayed out of his way, as he didn’t see me so much an interviewer as simply one more uninformed listener who needed to hear his sermon.

sxsw ’09: everyday conspiracies with alex jones
from infowars: Alex Jones, world renowned conspiracy theorist and star of the new IFC documentary “New World Order,” explains the conspiracies inherent in six seemingly innocuous everyday objects.

‘christian’ youtube censors ‘the obama deception’
'christian' youtube censors 'the obama deception'from paul joseph watson: A site that brands itself as a kind of ‘You Tube for Christians’ – Tangle.com, which was formally known as Godtube.com, has censored Alex Jones’ new film The Obama Deception after claiming the documentary contained “slander and libel”. One of our readers tried to upload The Obama Deception to the Tangle website in four parts, but two of the sections never made it and the reader was subsequently contacted by Caitlin Reynolds, ‘Community Care’ administrator for Tangle. “Hello and thank you for using tangle!,” stated the e mail. “Your video contains slander and liable (sic). We cannot allow this content on our site with out documented proof of the accusations. Please refer to our Terms of Use for additional information. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!” Firstly, we would advise Tangle.com to try and learn to spell the word “libel” before they attempt to interpret it. Secondly, Obama’s lies are exhaustively documented at every step of the way throughout the film. The content of the documentary itself disproves any claim of “libel” or “slander”. Naturally, Tangle.com failed to cite a single example of defamation in the film but immediately banned it anyway, which is even more bizarre considering the fact that Obama has already put into action policies that should abhor Christians, some of which are touched upon in the film. Perhaps Tangle.com is run by the same kind of phony ‘Christians’ as those that staff the Assembly of God church in Ohio, who recently released a pamphlet encouraging their congregation to all but obey Obama and not criticize his policies, citing a perversion of Romans 13.

review of ‘the obama deception’
from rise up rochester: Barack Obama, despite what the Madison Avenue spin doctors try to tell/sell us, is not the ONE. I think Alex Jones and his film The Obama Deception might just be the ONE. The title of this film is slightly misleading because it is not a film about Obama per se, his questionable character, or even the legitimacy of his presidency in light of the questions surrounding the true origin of his birth. It does cover some of his campaign messages/promises and his subsequent reversals upon assuming office.

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