nyc firefighters douse giuliani’s 9/11 ‘urban legend’

nyc firefighters douse giuliani's 9/11 'urban legend'from blacklisted news/wcbs: The International Association of Firefighters has gone on the offensive against “America’s MayorRudy Giuliani, releasing a 13-minute video that viciously rips into the former New York mayor, who has been using his leadership demonstrated on September 11th to urge people around the country to support him in his quest to become President of the United States.

The video, released early Wednesday evening, is titled “Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend,” and offers testimonials from various members of the organization and family members of firefighters lost in the terror attacks.

“We have the remains of dead heroes at the garbage dump because of Giuliani and his administration and they’re still there today and they won’t remove them,” claims FDNY Deputy Chief Jim Riches on the DVD, which was released to CBS 2 HD before its public debut.

Giuliani’s campaign denounced the video, saying that the former mayor had a long history of supporting firefighters’ health and safety and that the international union releasing the video only supports Democratic presidential candidates.

“Whenever I hear him talk, I want to scream out to the world and say God he’s so full of it,” adds Rosaleen Tallon, who lost her brother in the attacks.

Tallon is one of several people who lost loved ones and speaks out against Giuliani.

“I’m a conservative. I’m a member of the NRA, I voted for Giuliani, but in this instance he messed up,” says Al Regenhard, whose son was killed.

Those quotes are just the beginning of the video in which firefighters attempt to set the record straight about how they view Giuliani and his leadership on that tragic day.

“This image of Rudy Giuliani as ‘America’s Mayor’ is a myth,” says President of Uniformed Firefighters Union, Steve Cassidy in the DVD.

update: msnbc’s countdown reports on ‘scathing video’
from raw story: “The image Rudy Giuliani would like voters to have is of Giuliani vs. the terrorists, but … for tonight anyway the story is Giuliani vs. the firefighters.”

So opened Wednesday night’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Countdown, reporting on a scathing video released by New York City firefighters attacking what they call the “urban legend” Giuliani has built around himself in the wake of the 2001 World Trade Center attacks.

Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza, appearing on the program, noted that Giuliani responded very quickly to the attack from the International Association of Firefighters because he cannot politically afford to have his 9/11 mystique tainted.

“The question is twofold,” Cillizza said. “One, how much does this video catch on? And two, do people believe the messenger? Do they believe Rudy Giuliani, or do they believe the IAFF? And does this tarnish what is the central tenant of Rudy Giuliani’s campaign for president?”

The following video is from MSNBC’s Countdown, broadcast on July 11.

update2: firefighters blast giuliani on hardball

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