nypd’s ‘operation sentinel’ to track everything

from wcbs: The NYPD is working on a plan to track every single vehicle that enters Manhattan. The initiative, called “Operation Sentinel,” is aimed at preventing terror attacks. With the use of cameras and radiation sensors, police plan to track anything and everything that enters the Big Apple.

The New York Police Department wants to photograph the license plates of every vehicle coming into Manhattan and keep the image and information in a database. The proposal is part of a multimillion dollar plan to secure lower Manhattan. It includes cameras, license plate readers and radiation detectors. They would be set up at 7 vehicle crossings, which include 4 tunnels and 3 bridges: Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, Queens-Midtown Tunnel, George Washington Bridge, Henry Hudson Bridge & Triborough Bridge…

It is unclear exactly when “Operation Sentinel” would be complete, but the lower Manhattan initiative part of the plan to secure the city’s financial area, is expected to be in place by 2010. If after a month a registered license plate number is of no use to the police, it will be erased from the system.

nyc panopticon plans take shape
nyc panopticon plans take shapefrom danger room: Plans for New York City’s high-tech defense are beginning to coalesce; the NYPD wants license plate readers and radiation monitors scanning every vehicle entering Manhattan island, and a ring of checkpoints and concrete around the rebuilt World Trade Center site.

Back in April, we presented an early look inside the plans, which also include a network of thousands of surveillance cameras spidering through New York’s financial district.

The latest proposal — called Operation Sentinel — “calls for photographing, and scanning the license plates of, cars and trucks at all bridges and tunnels and using sensors to detect the presence of radioactivity,” the New York Times reports.

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