obama: sabotaging impeachment & pakistan war ’09

obama camp sabotaging impeachment efforts?
obama camp sabotaging impeachment efforts?from webster tarpley: Wondering why Congressman Kucinich has withdrawn his impeachment resolution against Cheney, and dropped out of impeachment in general? Wondering why the Los Angeles Impeachment Center has decided to liquidate itself and shut down? Wondering why impeachment meetups across the US are folding? Wondering why so many left-liberal spokesmen are dropping the impeachment issue like a hot potato? All signs suggest that the demagogic needs of the Obama presidential campaign provide the answer. Impeachment is being sabotaged by left-wing Democrats now moving to support Obama so as to spare the messianic Illinois senator the political embarrassment of having to comment on a serious impeachment effort, which his craven rejection of political struggle makes a taboo. In effect, Obama’s phobia against impeachment is even stronger than Hillary’s.

As is well known, Obama’s fatuous utopian rhetoric promises a golden age and earthly paradise of political harmony in which all real conflicts will be magically neutralized and submerged by the senator’s personal charisma. Above all, partisan political clashes will be forbidden. Well, the impeachment of Bush-Cheney is a vital necessity for the future survival of representative government in this country, but carrying it out will necessarily be a rather acrimonious and partisan business. Obama cannot tolerate such a messy process, which might interfere with his ability to float like a seraph above the ignorant armies who clash by night. Struggle in any form is not part of Obama’s playbook; it might upset Goldman Sachs, Soros, and his other Wall Street contributors – to say nothing of the fussy independent voters upon whom Obama’s future rests. It might not play well in the wealthy suburbs. It might spoil his carefully cultivated apolitical, post-partisan image.

Therefore, it is clear, the word has gone out to Obama’s leftist backers: impeachment must be dumped, betrayed, sandbagged, and sabotaged without further ado. That is what is now happening. Congressman Kucinich shocked his supporters by telling them to support Obama on the second go-round in the Iowa caucuses. Now he has dropped out of the race and abandoned his own signature issue.

Every vote for Obama is a vote to take impeachment off the agenda – forever. Obama supporters should get ready to live with those Bush-Cheney precedents, signing statements, and practices of entrenched totalitarian corruption for the rest of their lives. If Obama wins the day, there will be no question of impeachment, the only way to wipe the slate clean of all the Bush-Cheney obscenities. Obama and impeachment are incompatible. Impeachment supporters should dump the Illinois senator – the cause of impeachment is far more important than the vapid slogans dished up by Zbigniew Brzezinski’s puppet Obama.

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  1. Bpaul Avatar

    He’s a great orator, but I too think it’s all fluff unfortunately. I expect if he should be elected that he’ll make some good appointments (education, dept of the interior, etc) but that the Main Show ™ will continue. More troops, more involvement in the middle east, more crashing of the U.S. economy.

    Such a disappointment.

    These candidates all sound the same by the time it’s down to 3 or 4… so much kool-aid to drink, so little time.

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