obamessiah & the apostles of war: troops, tech, tv & more

obama approved 13k more troops to afghanistan*
obama approved 13k more troops to afghanistanobama vows to allow open gays into military service*
video: gay-rights marchers ‘divided on obama’*
obama loosens missile technology controls to china*
flashback: kenyan-born obama all set for US senate*
gallup: obama poll numbers spike after nobel win*
leaked network memo reveals: obama controls your television set*
white house: fox news is ‘arm of the republican party’*
obama’s cia ties?*
video: hillary says she will not run again*
rage at govt for doing too much & not enough*
video: scalia says cross no longer represents christians*
maria shriver breaks husband’s cell phone law*
video: huffington says biden should resign over afghanistan*

government propaganda to infest network tv shows*
majority of nobel jury ‘objected to obama prize’*
obama’s unrestrained fbi: is this america?*
naomi klein: obama isn’t helping, at least the world argued with bush*

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