obamessiah: change you can indefinitely detain! + the pimpolympics

obama reaffirms power of indefinite detention*
obamessiah & the apostles of war: change you can indefinitely detain! + the pimpolympicsdems cave to fbi in ‘patriot act’ debate*
shocker!: gitmo won’t be closed by jan as planned*
obama makes victoria espinel new copyright czar or ‘intellectual property enforcement coordinator‘*
uk globe says obama has an enemies list*
secret service probing facebook poll*
ss probes fbook murder poll*
cnn calls for creator of obama ‘death poll’ to be arrested & prosecuted*
juvenile behind obama assassination poll won’t face charges*
obama may head to copenhagen, after all – to pimp for chicago olympics*
obama chases olympic bauble while US burns*
judge rules fbi can’t bury the interview that obama’s cousin cheney gave on plamegate*
newsmax: coup to resolve the ‘obama problem’ is not ‘unrealistic’*
obama sworn in as ‘world president’*

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