Obamessiah & Econocrash Updates: Debt Sealing US Fate

Video: Obama strikes fear into US while reassuring big banks*
Obama strikes fear into US while reassuring big banks‘Super Congress’: Debt ceiling negotiators aim to create new legislative body*
US Constitution makes default illegal:
What a real president would do on aug 1
Obama admin sells Chrysler shares to foreign company*
Who owns america? Hint: it’s not China*
Most of US debt is owed to … Americans*
The looting of America:
Fed made $16T in secret loans to bankster friends, media silent
Obama passes ‘Dream Act’ by exec memo*
IMF/CFR insider recruited by Obama White House*
The occult world of economics*
Alabama county readies for largest municipal bankruptcy in US history*
Video: Fox News says Ron Paul is ‘a name you should watch out for’*
New high in poll: 46% of voters think most in Congress are corrupt*
Video Satire: Social Security reform bill encourages Americans to live faster, die younger*

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