obamessiah: fake left/move right – more wars & patriot acts

obama meets with killer mcchrystal in denmark*
obama meets with killer mcchrystal in denmarkskull & bones goolsbee jokes: obama strategy is communism*
white house doctored photo in botched ‘op’*
obama has that perfect colgate smile in every photograph*
you can’t say that: obama backs free speech limits at un*
obama praises US intel efforts against al-qaeda*
US ‘will’ disregard borders in terrorist hunt, says obama*
obama looks at pakistan while reassessing afghanistan strategy*
obama heads to japan, china, singapore & s korea in november*
senators vote to renew patriot act spy powers*
house cuts workweek to 2 1/2 days*
video: kids sing for cnn obamacare propaganda*

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