obamessiah: indefinite detentions & irreversible catastrophe

the day a president became ‘king of the world’*
the day a president became 'king of the world'uk ‘frantic’ over obama talks: barack disses brown?*
obama will bypass congress to detain suspects indefinitely*
obama addresses un climate summit, warns of ‘irreversible catastrophe’*
obama sets stage for ‘new world order’*
obama pitches healthcare on sunday talk show blitz*
unleashing a race war on president barack obama*
obama refuses to stop torture investigations*
obama to set higher bar for keeping state secrets*
obama stands behind ‘state secrets’ in spy case*
obama issues limits on ‘state secrets privilege’*
US charges dem fundraiser in $290m fraud: hassan memazee defrauded b of a, hsbc & citigroup*

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