Obamessiah Signs Debt Limit Bill After ‘Nasty’ Fight

Including the disturbing new #SuperCongress
Obamessiah Signs Debt Limit Bill After ‘Nasty’ Fightfrom cbsnews: President Obama signed a hard-fought, last-minute compromise bill to avert economic catastrophe Tuesday, saying the deal to cut spending and increase the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt limit marked an “important first step to ensuring that as a nation we live within our means.” The bill, he said, was the outcome of a “long and contentious debate” to avoid a man-made economic disaster that he described as creating “unsettling” economic uncertainty. He said that while voters chose divided government, “they sure didn’t vote for dysfunctional government.”

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3 responses to “Obamessiah Signs Debt Limit Bill After ‘Nasty’ Fight”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    How insane…he said "avoid a man made economic disaster"….how does expanding debt limit solve the debt problem in a financial system designed to be forever in debt?!!!

    I think the voters did not vote for either a divided government or a dysfunctional government…

    ..they voted for a future..and got the past…again. Let's see….I predict the debt graph will rise to another astonishing level and no one will remember all this nonsense the next time around, and round and round we go…where it will stop…do you even know???

    C'mon people…THINK!!! Sheesh!

  2. wendyworn Avatar

    sock puppet theatre strikes again!

    Everyone go back to sleep!

    Can they keep doing this until we have a quadrillion national debt? Stay tuned…

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