Obamessiah Updates: CFR, Acorn, Rhetoric & Racewar

obama calls on young adults to back health-care reform*
obama calls on young adults to back health-care reformwashpost ignores own poll finding:
54% say more they learn of obamacare, less they like it
race creeps into US healthcare debate*
who took the picture of joe wilson? and how?*
in the race from race, democrats rebut jimmy carter saying wilson racist*
taking count of obama’s czars, lawmakers rise up*
obama names another globalist with tax problems to administration;
imf’s charles collyns to treasury
house votes to end federal funding for acorn*
house joins senate in cutting acorn funding after massive scandals*
US seeking 3rd delay on guantánamo cases*
capt. connie rhodes asks for judge clay land to reconsider*

orly taitz & the birthers falling down into the rabbit hole*
video: aipac’s #1 target gets out of jail;
james traficant’s 1st post-jail interview
cfr says: bush, obama foreign policy only differs in rhetoric*
agriculture secretary bullish on rural america:
or, the council on foreign relations & the geo-engineering agenda
fmr interior sec gale norton is focus of corruption probe*
obama’s cousin cheney undergoing spinal surgery*

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